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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Cover Stories: Fallen by Lauren Kate

I want the dress on the cover of Lauren Kate's Fallen. Okay, I know I'm not original, but it's the truth. How gorgeous is that?!

I had to ask how it all came about. Here's Lauren:

"Before I was writing full-time, I worked as an Associate Editor at HarperCollins Children's Books, so I got to spend a lot of time with the art department there and I realized a) how bad I was at visualizing cover concepts that represented and helped promote books, and b) how absolutely excellent the art department was at doing just that. Writing a story and visually representing the story are really very, very separate skills. In my experience, even when authors come into a project with a clear idea for the cover, they often end up groveling at the feet of the talented designers and artists who can get at their books in a really different way and bring something entirely new and fresh to the package of the book.

"This is all to say that it did not even occur to me to try and visualize what the Fallen cover would look like. I left that in the hands of the experts from the beginning! And that was a very good idea...

Read the rest of Lauren's Cover Story. It only gets better!


Anonymous said...

I haven't even read this whole post yet, but I just got this book on my desk, and I was like "wowee zowee" the cover is so right on. I want that dress too!!!!!!

Melissa Walker said...

Gorgeous, I know! Can't wait to see the sequel's cover!

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