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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Author in Residence Beth Kephart: The Writing From Life Challenge

Our very first Author in Residence, Beth Kephart, is a critically acclaimed, gracious writer who will be on the rgz team through December. Check out her mini-issue at the rgz website. Welcome this author of HOUSE OF DANCE, UNDERCOVER, NOTHING BUT GHOSTS and THE HEART IS NOT A SIZE!

Last month's winning entry has been published on Beth's blog, so go read the lovely words of Kiera's Present, Past and Reflection work.

Here is the fourth and final of Beth’s monthly entries about writing, Writing From Life:

"Today I post the final readergirlz writing contest—a challenge that asks you to look at something familiar and transform it into the unexpected. Check out the video:

"Send your best work to kephartblogATcomcastDOTnet by December 30, 2009. The winner will receive an advanced reading copy of The Heart is Not a Size (which is due out in March from HarperTeen). The winning work will be posted on this site.

"I would say, Give it your all, but I know I don't have to."

Thanks, Beth, and good luck, readergirlz!


Little Willow said...

These prompts are very cool.

Melissa Walker said...

They are so inspiring!

Priya said...

What a great idea! I'll have to go looking through all my photographs now...

Beth Kephart said...

I have had such a good time as part of the readergirlz family!

Lorie Ann Grover said...

I love this challenge!

Anonymous said...
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