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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Diva Delight: How to Save a Life

We love Sara Zarr! She's inside our Circle of Stars. And her latest release, How to Save a Life, is an excellent addition to her life work. You will agree the FIVE starred reviews are spot on.

From two perspectives, two stories are told as two girls find their identity following a crisis. Jill is recovering from the death of her father, while Mandy is pregnant, possibly by her abuser. The two find themselves in the same home as Jill's mother plans to adopt the forthcoming baby. How do you learn to trust when you never could before? Who are you following great loss, and can you ever return to who you were before? Side by side, Jill and Mandy's stories illuminate each other beautifully. Golden threads repeat from one voice into the other.

I was captivated by Mandy's asperger-like frankness, and Jill's journey through her anger. Each created such poignant, palpable moments of discomfort for the reader. This work is honest from page one.

Brava, Sara! We celebrate this story holding your voice so beautifully!

How to Save a Life
by Sara Zarr
Little Brown, 2011

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