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Friday, July 31, 2009

The LIAR Cover Controversy

Author Justine Larbalestier is in the middle of a cover crisis, and I just wanted to point anyone who hasn't read about the drama with her new LIAR cover, to her blog post about it.

Basically, Justine's US publisher chose a very white-girl image for the cover, although the main character in LIAR is black. (The Australian version is a more abstract cover--see behind the controversial US cover).

The party line is that it has to do with sales and marketing, but whatever the case, it's a whitewash, and I'm so glad Justine is talking about it. That takes a brave author.

The discussion is fast and furious--page through the comments for lots of insight, and add your own thoughts. If we keep talking about this, and blogging, and spreading the word, there may be hope for a more honest paperback cover.

PS-While you're on Justine's blog, check out guest blogging Ari Miss Attitude, of Reading in Color. She rules.


MissAttitude said...

I'm so glad readergirlz posted something about the Liar controversy. Thanks for the shoutout! I really hope that the paperback cover has a black girl on it, as it should have been originally :)

Lorie Ann Grover said...

Me, too, MissAttitude!

What a tight spot for Justine. We give her our full support!

Little Willow said...

I really wish that the publisher would correct this injustice.