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Friday, July 31, 2009

Art Saves: Janine aka Jeanie

Click the thumbnail to see the full-sized image.

I've always found that the act of creating art is not only a way to express oneself, but a way to maintain a certain degree of sanity.

Sometimes the only way to filter through the "white noise" of everyday life is by sitting down with a sketchbook and a pen or pencil and just doodling.

Some of my favorite drawings have started with a random squiggly line and grown from there.

It's not so much the end product, but the act of creating said picture, painting, paper lantern, sculpture, story, song, dance... or other work of art that saves us.

...Well, it does for me, at any rate.

~ Janine Sebastian
aka: Jeanie Tortoisefly


Little Willow said...

Thanks, Jeanie! :)

Melissa Walker said...

Great thoughts! Great art!

tanita davis said...

This is a really neat picture. I like it -- it reminds me of ...cats.

Lorie Ann Grover said...

I also said it saves my brain, Janine. Doodle on!

Anonymous said...


Of all of my drawings, paintings and prints - after two years of Art school, the selection is about as eclectic as my taste in music - this is the one my nephew picked to have up in his room last year.

This week, he can't decide if it's a dragon or a goat. Last month it was two other creatures. Such is the life of a five year old.

That's another wonderful thing about art... it engages people's imaginations, and looks slightly different to every person that views it.

~ Jeanie

Anonymous said...
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Setia Adi said...
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abdul munif Habiby said...
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