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Rock the Drop, 2015

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Little Willow's Book Bag

This Week's Picks

For Teens
Ten Cents a Dance by Christine Fletcher

For Your Younger Siblings
Disney Bunnies: Good Morning, Thumper! by Laura Driscoll, illustrated by Lori Tyminski & Giorgio Vallorani
Disney Bunnies: Thumper Finds an Egg by Laura Driscoll, illustrated by Lori Tyminski & Valeria Turati
Disney Bunnies: I Love You, My Bunnies by Laura Driscoll, illustrated by Lori Tyminski, Maria Elena Naggi & Charles Pickens

This Month's Spotlighted Title
No Laughter Here by Rita Williams-Garcia


Color Online said...

Enjoying my time here. Thanks for great posts.

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Em said...

I just finished Ten Cents a Dance and really enjoyed it. It totally swept me up in the time period. Made me want to put on swing music and start dancing. :)

Little Willow said...

Em: I love swing dancing and I love 40s music.