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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Rgz LIVE! with Rita Williams-Garcia TONIGHT

Tonight in the readergirlz forum at 6pm PST/9pm EST, we'll be chatting with featured author Rita Williams-Garcia about her awesome, funny, moving and powerful book, No Laughter Here.

Some discussion questions that readers might ponder with this title include:

  • At what point do you tell a secret?
  • Without getting too personal, what was your worst fall-out with friend? Was it fixable?
  • Akilah's mother is open with her about puberty, etc. How comfortable are you with talking to your mother figure?
  • What coming-of-age rituals do you find interesting?
  • What is it about crushing on your best friend's older sibling?
  • Akilah and her mother are so much alike. Anyone dare to admit to similarities with their mother figures?
  • What would you do if your culture demanded that you did something that would change you forever?

So come on over and ask your questions, hang out with Rita and the readergirlz divas, and just have fun chatting with other readergirlz! See you tonight.


Vicarious Reader said...

I never thought that I would receive something from someone who is actually PUBLISHED!!!
( Well, except for the comment that Melissa Walker put on my blog. You should have seen the screaming and happy-dancing that ensued.)

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