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Friday, February 13, 2009

A Valentine's Day Book Party!

Sometimes on Valentine's Day, you just want to share some book love. Lucky people who live in the northeast can attend this literary Valentine bookstore event tomorrow (authors signing books! everywhere! go! go!).

Or maybe you want to throw your own book party with friends (also BIG fun).

Here are some festive ideas to celebrate this month's spotlighted read, No Laughter Here by Rita Williams-Garcia:

Invite: A handwritten letter sent in the mail, as letters are so important to Akilah in the book. Decorate the letter and envelope with moons.

Food: Like Akilah and her mother, serve crumpets and raspberry tea.

D├ęcor: Use a dish of pineapple Lifesavers for a centerpiece.

Movies: The Day I'll Never Forget, American Girl: Kit Kittredge (for the "girl power"-ness of it all), Boy in the Striped Pajamas.

Craft: Everyone knit a seven-inch by seven-inch square in shades of pink and red, and then join them together to make a quilt to commemorate “V-Day” to stamp out violence against women and girls.

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