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Monday, February 2, 2009

The North of Beautiful Book Blog Tour!

Today is the start of a two-week celebration of readergirlz diva Justina Chen Headley's North of Beautiful (which is already getting great buzz from tough critics!).

Here's where to find Justina this week:

February 2: Kickoff at Mitali's Fire Escape

February 3: Shelf Elf, Kerry Millar

February 4: Archimedes Forgets, Sarah Rettger

February 5: Bibliophile, Jennifer Rothschild

February 6: Teen Book Review, Jocelyn

And next week:

February 9: The Bluestocking Society

February 10: Mythbuster Beauty

February 11: MotherDaughterBookClub.com

February 13: Stephanie's Books

Thanks to Mitali Perkins and Sara Easterly for helping arrange the tour. And congratulations, Justina!!


Lorie Ann Grover said...

So much fun to see Justina on virtual tour, accessible to all!

Little Willow said...

Go Justina! :)

Setia Adi said...
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