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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Anagram Fun!

My teen daughter Ellen occasionally comes across a fun site and shares it with me. Here's a great one!

Check Internet Anagram Server to anagram your name. What do the letters of your name spell if repositioned?

Eek! Here are four of mine out of the 1,000 I scanned:

Ever Roaring Loon (Um, probably. Depends on who you ask.)
A Governor Liner (No, idea.)
Leaving No Error (Certainly, my aim!)
Gain Novel Error (Ha! Those do happen in my writing.)

So, what are your anagrams? It's worth a giggle, rgz!



Little Willow said...

I love anagrams. LOVE.

Melissa Walker said...

Wow. I came up with a lot--I think I like Sesame Raw Kill best though. Kind of like a badass vegetarian sounding person.

Marie said...

"Name Rain She"
... sounds like the beginning to a cool poem!

Meredith said...

One of my 55,556 anagrams is Freeholder Mint Tins.


readergirlz said...

Sesame Raw Kill
Name Rain She
Freeholder Mint Tins

I love these!

~Lorie Ann

Kiki said...

My (pen) name is short, so there isn't much anagram love to go around.
But my favourite is probably "Ilk Icon".