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Friday, July 10, 2009

ALA Annual, Friday Happenings

So I'm having a fabbity time in Chicago! Today I met with the Office for Literacy and Outreach Services. I got to chat about TBD '10 with the subcommittee of Services to Rural, Native and Tribal Libraries.

Led by Janice Rice, the group was so welcoming and interested in Operation Teen Book Drop. Here I am with former ALA president Loriene Roy. She's a key component for our outreach next year because of her current work with If I Can Read, I Can Do Anything.

How cool that there's a Native American Literature Award!

So, then I caught a cab for cocktails with the Association for Library Services to Children, who gave rgz our Great Website Award. It wasn't long before I found myself chatting with a gregarious lover of books. It finally dawned us that we work together!

rgz, it was our SALON member, Sharon Levine. HA! Just when I was thinking I needed to prod her by email for a book review, I was speaking to her! It was hilarious. She tried to tell me then that her name WASN'T Sharon. But the truth was out, and she says she will deliver a review asap. :~) Bottom line: she's a delight, a storehouse of information, and it's an honor to have her on our team!

Off to get ready for the Diversity Fair tomorrow. But I just heard a Harry Potter exhibit is in town. Snape's clothes may be there. What is a girl to do???

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THank you for taking me here, there, vicariously!

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I wish you were HERE!

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I wish we were all there!

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