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Monday, June 27, 2016

The Ghosts of Heaven: Marcus Sedgwick

The Ghosts of Heaven Cover

Master storyteller Marcus Sedgwick winds four separate tales along a connecting spiral shape. Twirling from prehistory into the future, characters face the symbol of life that "copies itself and builds on itself, forever."

A girl in a cave with a charred stick, an accused woman plunged below water, a poet in a sanitarium, and an astronaut turning in a spiral in space all find the stair to climb higher and higher, while they remember the past and reach forward into the future.

Marcus' woven stories turn the reader round and round, yet he leaves them before the light of wet grass, an apple tree, and love. If you didn't cross paths with The Ghosts of Heaven last year, readergirlz, find it and turn, turn, turn.

The Ghosts of Heaven
by Marcus Sedgwick
Roaring Brook Press, 2015

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Penelope Sanchez said...

The Ghosts of Heaven was pretty darn fantastic. It’s nearly perfect except for my slight boredom in the third quarter. This is seriously one unique and mind-blowing novel. It’s YA that doesn’t feel like YA, but it’s also not stuffy like Literary Fiction, but it’s certainly something more.

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Riyanna Lopez said...

I love this book. I had read it in a library and chose to purchase it so i could have my own copy. It is beautiful and thought provoking, with a twist ending that blew my mind.

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