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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Diva Delight: Silence, by Deborah Lytton

What do you do when you are born to sing, yet, suddenly silenced? Stella finds herself in a world without sound. The challenge follows to find beauty in a silent world. It's Hayden, a teen boy who stutters, who will be her guide as she simultaneously leads him to find his true voice by looking at his past.

Deborah Lytton's YA release of Silence from Shadow Mountain is told from two incredibly honest points of view. The growth and truth discovered by the characters is inspirational. As Stella concludes:

"I know that dreams are for today, not for someday. They are for here. And now."

"Music is the silence between the notes." says Claude Debussy. We will be waiting for Lytton's next release, listening to the music resonating from Silence to her following work.

by Deborah Lytton
Shadow Mountain, 2015

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Unknown said...

Hey, are we allowed to request book reviews? I'm new here!

Marlene Detierro said...

Deborah has such a beautiful way of writing. As you can see by all the quotes I pulled out of the story that there were so many great lines that spoke to me, ones that I just wanted to savor. I look forward to reading more of Deborah's stories!

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Unknown said...
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