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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Cover Stories: The Sisters 8

Lauren Baratz-Logsted has been here many times sharing Cover Stories, and here's one for the final book in her Sisters 8 series (which she writes with her husband and daughter)! You can read the Cover Story for the first two books here.
Take it away, Lauren!
"On August 7, 2012 the ninth and final volume in The Sisters 8 was published. The Sisters 8 is a series for young readers, that I created with my husband and daughter, about octuplet girls whose parents go missing one New Year's Eve.
"From the time we sold the first book to Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, I was curious about what the cover would look like. Perhaps more than any area of books I can think of, series for children are defined in the public mind over a long period of time by the packaging. Can you imagine Harry Potter or Junie B. Jones with a different style artwork on the cover? Try switching the two styles in your mind. Does your head hurt yet? So, as perhaps you can imagine, I was nervous..."
And more of Lauren's Cover Stories are here: Crazy Beautiful and The Twin's Daughter.


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