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Thursday, October 30, 2008

rgz blog for all

Since March 2007, readgirlz has been blogging at MySpace. As our amazing book community expands, the divas thought it best to establish our blog where all can access it.

Many thanks to co-founder of rgz, Janet Lee Carey, our first blogging diva in 2007. Then to Dia Calhoun who continued the posts through 2008 and now is moving on to be our author liaison diva. We are happy to welcome Melissa Walker as our new blogging diva on the first of November!

Melissa will be bringing the majority of our posts, while the other divas drop blogs throughout the week as well. You'll get updates from diva Justina Chen Headley in China. Divas Holly Cupala, Dia Calhoun, and Lorie Ann Grover will add their words from the Seattle area. And Mitali Perkins in Boston will move from diva to rgz Talent Scout on January 1 to keep us all up on the hottest novels off the press.

A press release is forthcoming!

So here's to a new beginning on Blogger! We are so happy to be here. Keep up with rgz at these sites:


*waves to rgz around the world*

Lorie Ann Grover, co-founder of readergirlz and author


Little Willow said...

Woo hoo and *waves back*

Dia Calhoun said...

Welcome Melissa!

Georgia said...

YAY! Welcome to blogger :)

Unknown said...
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