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Friday, March 26, 2010

Rgz Street Team: Vanessa Reviews Leviathan by Scott Westerfeld

The rgz Street Team is a group of teens who bring YA reviews to our blog, led by Postergirl Miss Erin. Find out more.

Today, Vanessa reviews our featured title, Leviathan, by Scott Westerfeld!

"Opening the covers of Leviathan opened a whole new world to me. It didn't take more than a few chapters before I felt like I was in a new universe filled with spectacular animals and monstrous machines.

"First there's Alek, an illegitimate prince who is taken out of his room to be set on a journey he never expected. Along the way, Alek learns many new skills that will prepare him for the dangerous days that have begun. Then there's Deryn, a girl who dares to follow her dream of working on an airship, even if it means disguising herself as a boy to do so. Deryn takes to the skies and proves herself to be more of a man than the rest of the crew.

"When both Alek and Deryn are thrown into situations they never expected, they never back down from their new roles. And when these two individuals from opposite sides of an impending battle eventually meet and work together, there's no stopping them. Leviathan not only brings an exciting new world right to your fingertips, but inspires you to be the best you can be, no matter what you're facing." -Vanessa

Thanks, Vanessa!


Lorie Ann Grover said...

I love having the Street Team review the feature pick! Thanks, Vanessa!

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