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Monday, March 8, 2010

Leviathan Art by Keith Thompson!

We had to share a piece of our March featured title Leviathan's amazing art from illustrator Keith Thompson. Author Scott Westerfeld says, "We decided to make the books look like they were published back in 1914, when almost all books (even adult) were illustrated. So Keith created a sort of 'Victorian manga' style, part steampunk and part old-fashioned biotech. We’re putting about 50 pieces of art in each book, most of them full page!"

(Read Scott's full post, and see some more of the art here.)

You can buy interior art from Leviathan here, and color art from the series here, here, and here.


Melissa Walker said...

I love illustrated books--gorgeous.

Shelf Elf said...

The artwork is stunning in Leviathan. I found it added so much to the mood of the book.

ali said...

That's awesome!

Little Willow said...

Beautiful work throughout Leviathan, Scott!

Should you ever try your hand at depicting scenes from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, please let me know. Truly, do. :)

Lorie Ann Grover said...

Stunning! I love it! Way to go, Keith. *standing o*