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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Party It Up: Lips Touch

Planning your own book group get-together for Lips Touch? Here are some party ideas from featured author Laini Taylor.

Invite: Thick creamy paper, dark red ink, and of course: a lipstick kiss!"
D├ęcor: Cemetery chic; picnic blanket on the floor, candles, little etched glasses

Food: Fruit, very ripe; chocolate, very dark; tea, as it is served in Hell

Movies: The Fall (gorgeous, mythic, set all over the world - especially India); The Company of Wolves (1984 gothic fantasy-horror movie of Angela Carter's werewolf stories).

Game: You could play charades in honor of Anamique.


Erin said...

YES, The Fall is SUCH a gorgeous movie.

Melissa Walker said...


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