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Rock the Drop, 2015

Monday, June 1, 2009

New Moon Trailer!

*sqeeeeeee* goes Team Jacob! Give it up with Gypsy Wings and me!

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millymarie said...

I'm actually *really* excited for this one. This one looks much better than the first movie at least to me. (Which I still have to see/read.) I think it's because I have more affection toward werewolves/shifters which Jacob is right? Jacob looks a lot more hmmm handsome then Edward to me. :) I must get cracking on reading the books! Thanks for posting the trailer also! I think the one I saw was a bit shorter.

lanna-lovely said...

I think this one looks better than the last one - the directing is clearly better already (and they got rid of the annoying blue tint that the first had <3). But Kristen's acting has gotten worse, I hope she's better in the rest of the movie. :[

The werewolf bit was pretty cool though. :)

Vivian said...


Georgia said...

HOORAY for good CGI, and better makeup and hair... and HOORAY for Jacob!

holly cupala said...

I'm a bad diva...haven't seen the first one yet, but it's on my 'flix list! Maybe I'll just have to move it up, after seeing this trailer. ;)

Priya said...

Go Jacob! :P

Shelf Elf said...

I am not on team Jacob.



I am on team sparkly-vampire.

(But the wolf is still super cool)

Melissa Walker said...

I am on Team Jacob and I got chills when he came on the screen. OOOOH, man, this one will be fun!

Little Willow said...

MillyMarie commented! Everyone say howdy - She's a friend of mine via the lovely Internet, and one of my webdesign clients! Storybook Story :)

Lorie Ann Grover said...

Yay for MillyMarie!

Oooo. Off to watch it again. :~)