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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Shaping Youth: All Things Girl

I have recent word from Amy Jussel at Shaping Youth.

All Things Girl On Shaping Youth Kicks Off NEXT Week

The week has been postponed because of our elections! So get out and vote!

Amy says, "Meanwhile, the offer still stands to ALL readers to deluge me with their favorite sites, books, media, and hubs for BOYS to cover shortly thereafter."

I left a shout out comment for GuysLitWire of course!

Here's some of what Shaping Youth has up and coming:

"I’m excited about sharing the latest from the Girls For A Change road tour of action zones, the Respect Rx rallies, and Hardy Girls Healthy Women plus new developments at Girls Horse Club, (including their amazing and inspiring tween written blog!) and what’s on the minds of tween girls at New Moon Girl Media, Beacon Street Girls, Reign of the Girl Child and tips for teen girls at Dr. Jenn for Girls and our own Dr. Robyn Silverman’s body image resource, Kiss My Assets…We’ll even be hosting a slogan contest for Girl Mogul tees, with the prize being hardbacks of Packaging Girlhood written by Shaping Youth advisory board members Dr. Sharon Lamb and Dr. Lyn Mikel Brown!"

Looking forward to your awesome week of info for girls, Shaping Youth!

Lorie Ann Grover, rgz diva/ author


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Wow--this sounds chock full and amazing!

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