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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Ellen Emerson White's Artful Covers!

Alea, also known as The Pop Culture Junkie, has a great series on her blog about Lookalike Covers. The whole series is fun to read through, and we especially love that she's been focusing on our featured author's covers this month.

In the spotlight are Ellen Emerson White's The President's Daughter, as well as White House Autumn. Check out the covers, and then come talk about them with Ellen and the readergirlz at the forum for the few days we have left in November!

Happy Thanksgiving, readergirlz!


Alea said...

You are so sweet to post this! I love that we happened to talk about these books the same month!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Little Willow said...

Thanks for the link to the Lookalikes blog! As I posted over there: I really like how the new artists have paid homage to the originals while staying true to Meg - her school sweatshirt and brace on the cover of Long May She Reign, for example. The cover of The President's Daughter favorite of the four new artsy covers.