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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Robin Hobb/Fantasy Author "chooses" a Professional Assassin to "marry!'

Readergirlz divas Lorie Ann Grover and Dia Calhoun had a fascinating lunch with Robin Hobb, acclaimed fantasy author.

Robin graciously consented to an interview. Dia Calhoun thought of all the questions she would love to asked as a fantasy author, and never is, and posed these to Robin.

1. What magical power that you have created in your fantasy novels would you choose for yourself and why?

Robin: Oh, I'd definitely want the Wit!

I've always been very close to my faithful animal companions. J I do talk to them a lot and I've always felt that in return, I've understood a great deal of what they've tried to tell me. And teach me. So I'd truly relish the chance to converse with them in detail.

2. Which of your fantasy worlds would you best like to live in and why?

Robin: I'd want to live in Buckkeep, in the time of Fitz's youth. I'd love the wild place around it, and the action of a lively seaport time.

But if I were given the chance to go for a month-long shopping spree, then I'd want to head down to Bingtown. The wonderful items in the stores there are things that I'd love to own: windchimes that play endlessly varying melodies. Precious gems that are also perfume. A box that allows you to share a dream with your beloved.

After all, if you can imagine a thing, you can probably find it for sale in Bingtown.

3. Which of your fantasy characters would you like for a best friend and why?

Robin: I'd choose Nighteyes, the wolf. Especially since the first question in this interview gave me the Wit. I've always been much more comfortable with animals than people! I've always loved how animals live in the moment without endless worrying about yesterday or tomorrow. I think that's why they're so restful to be with.

4. Which of your fantasy characters would you marry (let's assume you have to pick one!) and why?

Robin: Now there's a tough question! 'Marry' to me means forever and ever. That takes someone steady and rational, even though I'll admit that in my reckless youth it was the bad boys who attracted me. At the age I am now, I'd be much too old for any of my dashing and handsome protagonists. I think I'd have to settle for Chade and try to reform him! Professional assassins aren't steady and reliable, perhaps, but at least we'd never run out of interesting things to talk about. And I think our housekeeping styles would mesh remarkably well.

5. If you had to bring one of your fantasy characters to live in our world, which one would you choose and why? Where would you take him/her first?

Robin: I think I'd choose Patience, because with her endless curiosity and willingness to try new things, I think she'd be the most adaptable. As to where I'd take her first, why the Japanese gardens at Point Defiance. I think she'd be charmed and fascinated. Of course, if I took her to the glass museum here in Tacoma, she'd instantly want to get involved with that. That's why she would be so much fun to bring into our world. She'd immediately want to engage with all of it.

Thank you, Robin, for a fun interview! Learn more about Robin Hobb at her website


Melissa Walker said...

how fun! i really want a precious gem that is also perfume. seriously. can someone get on making that?

Kelly said...

Very thoughtful, fun questions and answers!

holly cupala said...

What a cool interview! Thanks for the blog, Dia! I would love to share a dream with someone.

Little Willow said...

Hi Robin!

caribookscoops said...

Fun interview. I especially like that she "chooses" a Professional Assassin to "marry"

Lorie Ann Grover said...

Thanks, Dia and Robin. This was a great interview!

Nerwende said...

Thanks for the fun and fresh interview! :)

Sini said...

Hey, things I didn't know about Robin! I've been a fan of hers for 10 years and was happy to see some fresh questions!

Angus said...

Amazing amazing author, captured me from the very first pages! Loved Nighteyes... miss him ;)

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