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Friday, December 30, 2016

Diva Delight: Hideous Love and Wicked Girls

Hideous Love Cover

Wicked Girls Cover

Did you get a chance to read these two beauties from Stephanie Hemphill, readergirlz? From Mary Shelley to the girls involved in the Salem witch trials, you'll be in the thick of characters longing to be esteemed and loved.

Both are novels-in-verse, with delicious poetic language. Get ready to sink into the settings and hold your breath at the turning points.

Here is what Booklist said about Hideous Love:

Hideous Love
Wicked Girls
by Stephanie Hemphill
Balzer & Bray


Anonymous said...

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kold_kadavr_ flatliner said...

You gonna model after THEM wicked girls??
So caught-up in the ways of the world
the Holy Spirit has left'm ..???
Thus, they think DOWN is cool - where the
demons shall make sport of YOU 4 eternity
with darkness, hunger N thirst...
and Upstairs is wetardid: Im doing the
party-hardy for the eternal lengthNbreadth
God bless your indelible soul.
God bless you with discernment.

If you choose RITE, cool.
I'll see youse in the Great Beyond.
Meet me Upstairs someday.
Let's gitta BIG-OL-BEER and schnaxx.
Gotta lotta tok about
concerning our discering.