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Friday, July 22, 2011

Cover Stories: Wolves, Boys & Other Things That Might Kill Me

Kristen Chandler's Wolves, Boys & Other Things That Might Kill Me (read Book Harbinger's great review) got a paperback makeover this year, and I love the new cover! So I asked Kris how it came to be, and what she thought about the redesign. Here she is:

"I was thinking that the paperback would be like the hardback cover (below right)--urban angsty--but I was wrong. Now it's wilderness angsty. Doesn't it just give you the shivers to look at it?

"I didn't give any input for the paperback. I think that's the way it usually works. I was so used to the hardback cover as the face of the novel... It was like having your friend get a makeover that includes their skin color. But the new cover grew on me quickly.

"I was so consumed with the writing of my next book and the marketing, sharing of the WOLVES I didn't even realize that the paperback would have another cover. So it was sort of like... SUR-PRISE! We hope you love it!"

Read the rest of Kristen's Cover Story, and see her original hardcover at melissacwalker.com.


Sherry Soule said...

The book cover looks amazing! I can’t wait to read it now.

Sherry Soule Official Website

Author of the Spellbound Series

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