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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Great Blogosphere Reads This Week

We can't resist sharing these interesting YA discussions!

* 2009 debut author Neesha Meminger on Race and YA Lit (Racialicious.com):
"All you have to do is stroll through the aisles of a bookstore to see that the fantasy, mystery, romance genres are stocked full. And not with fantasy, mystery, or romance by authors of Color."

* New Rochelle's Talk of the Sound on a New Rochelle school that's censoring (ie, tearing up!) Girl, Interrupted in the classroom:
"Pages from the middle of the book have been torn out by the school district after having been deemed 'inappropriate' by school officials due to sexual content and strong language."

* The LA Times on Stephenie Meyer's online connection with fans:
"It wasn't just that Meyer's fans came to her blog, but that she went to theirs, writing posts and commenting on the things they had written."

Enjoy, readergirlz!

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Little Willow said...

Great finds, Melissa! :)